Sheila Gunston Dip.CBST, PCBC-A       
Certified Dog Trainer, Accredited Professional Canine Behavior Consultant, Doggone Safe "Be A Tree" Presenter, Progressive Reinforcement Trainer and member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance proudly serving Central Alberta and area!                                                                   

Specializing in Complex Behavior and always working within the Laws of Learning Theory using Force Free, Positive Reinforcement methods and the Bond Based Approach.  

Insight to Reactive Rover - Group Class/Seminar

Seminar and Classes are held at the Red Deer K9 Training Center  (#4 7045 Edgar Industrial Link)

*Classes are currently full for the remainder of the summer and will resume late Spring of 2022, however, seminars will be announced periodically throughout the year.  If you'd like to be notified of the next seminar, please email to be added to the list.

What is a reactive dog and why do we see reactive behaviors? What can cause reactivity and how do we help our dogs through this, safely? What are stress signs and how do we read them?

There are TWO options available to help you with your reactive dog:

OPTION 1: Human only Seminar ONLY (Date TBD) at the Red Deer K9 Training Center ($59). This 2hr human only seminar will break down the why and the how, to help you to work through your dog's reactivity to other dogs, people, skateboards.... any stimulus that causes your dog stress. It is an informative session with plenty of opportunities to share your personal experiences and ask questions.  You will receive a .pdf of the Powerpoint presentation with access to the videos and resources discussed during the seminar.

OPTION 2: Join us for the seminar on (Date TBD), then continue with your dog for group classes starting (Date TBD) for 5 consecutive weeks. ($235)  During class we will work on creating positive associations to your dog's triggers and being able to engage/disengage from them. We will build strong focus skills and learn how to redirect our dogs during emergency and stressful situations. Ultimately, helping your dog to be able to share space with other dogs/people, comfortably whether on leash or in your home.

***TO JOIN***:

1.    Email with your name, your dogs name, a description of the behaviors you're experiencing and best contact information. Please refer to which option you have chosen, in your message.

2.    Once I have responded to your email, please etransfer your payment to the above email address OR click on "registration" to the left of this page to pay via credit card to secure your spot!

I look forward to meeting with you and your furry friends! All family members welcome (children must be accompanied by an adult who is NOT the dog's handler)