A better relationship with your dog is possible

We believe that a progressive, positive relationship with our dogs promotes the familial bond that modern domestic dogs need to flourish in their lives. 
We will show you through education and practice how you too can achieve this and make your AND your dog's life more complete. 
Group Classes

Group Classes

We offer different group classes focusing on different stages of your dogs development. 
Check them out and see if they are right for you!
Offered in the Chiriqui Province of Panama at our partner facility, Howling Success.
Private online dog training

Private Training Sessions

Offered in the Chiriqui Province of Panama in your home. 
These sessions can be tailored to your concerns!
Online dog training

Online Behavior Consulting

Online Zoom sessions.
Yes we can help you even if you're not here with us!
Tailored to your concerns!


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Head Howler in Charge
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Hudsons Hounds trainer

Sheila Gunston, Dip. CBST, PCBC-A, FDM, C-CCC

I hold a Canine Behavior Science and Technology Diploma with an aggressive behavior specialization and I am a fully Accredited Professional Canine Behavior Consultant with the PPAB. 
I am a Certified Canine Complexity Consultant with Thrive Learning System, a Certified L.E.G.S Applied Ethology Family Dog Mediator and a Doggone Safe "Be a Tree" Presenter. I specialize in aggression and other complex behaviors and continue to further my education regularly. 

Our Testimonials

Keila Sisson
So far I've just had one session with Sheila, but the tools she gave me for my dog who resource guards me have been invaluable! I have seen such a difference in my "baby" and it makes me very proud. I'm looking forward to more sessions soon!

Stephanie Hunter
Sheila provides an awesome alternative to the once popular “alpha pack leader” style training. She’s very well-read and actually has the credentials to back up what she says. I highly recommend Sheila of Hudson’s Hounds.

Pam Fedirchuck
Sheila has such vast knowledge! If you really want to solidify your relationship with your dawg, she is the trainer to turn to. Monty.....Punk...... and now Bruizer. Sheila has taught me patience and given me great insight as to the way the canine mind works. Her willingness to share her education and experience is unbounded.
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