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I am a certified Dog Trainer and accredited Professional Canine Behavior Consultant, I hold a diploma in Canine Behavior Science and Technology, I am a Doggone Safe “Be a Tree” Presenter and a member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance.  For more information about me or my education, please visit the “About Me” tab.

My education is science based and my methods are FORCE FREE.  I will not be offering suggestions which include any form of pain, fear or intimidation.  What I will offer, are suggestions based on peer reviewed, scientific methods that reinforce good choices and wanted behaviors rather than punishing the ones that we don’t want.  I will help you to understand the myths and dangers behind “pack” or “dominance” theory and encourage building a strong bond rather than a relationship built on intimidation or fear.

Your dog is my passion and I will do all I can to help you with your furry family member!  If scheduling or any other conflicts arise, I am happy to forward your information on to another Force Free professional, with your consent.

For session fees and what to expect, please visit the “services” tab.