Private Behavior Consulting
WorldWide over Zoom

I specialize in complex behaviors such as aggression, fear, anxiety and reactivity.  In many cases, my presence can make things worse - it is often much safer and less stressful for your dog and for us that I not be there in person.  For this reason, my services are offered remotely via Zoom. If after our Zoom session(s) you feel that you need one on one in person help, I will be happy to refer you to a trusted colleague in your area to continue with our training plan.
Let's Go

Private Consultation Package:  $295.00

Your Private Package includes:

Initial consultation (90 mins)

A personalized written outline of our plan moving forward, including any additional requested resources

ALL follow ups via email as well as any video review and discussion

Any subsequent follow up sessions via zoom (45-60 mins) $75

What to expect for the first zoom session:

Client interview - we will discuss details of the behaviors you are concerned with (environment, routines, health, behavior history, etc)

Functional Assessment - I will help you to determine the WHY behind these concerning behaviors. Once we understand WHY, the layers of our behavior "onion" become more clear.

Behavior change plan - we will discuss tools (muzzles, harnesses,etc), important body language signs and signals to watch for, what strategies work best for you and your situation and important safety measures in general.  You will have recommended "homework" specific to your situation.